Big News and My First Giveaway!

UPDATE: Ann of Protector of Vintage won the goodies in my first giveaway: two books, and I’ll be sending them to her soon!  Congrats to Ann, and thanks so much to all who participated!

POST: My love of vintage cannot be contained! Not being much of a hoarder, I feel that I’m starting to over-collect vintage items, especially mid-century modest. In fact, I’m known in my family for intensely loving an item for a while, and then giving it away to a good home.

I’ve also been a long-time reader of inspiring bloggers who are vintage dealers, such as Protector of Vintage and Musings of a Sea Witch.

So, I had an idea, talked it over with my DH, and voila! My DH and I are now vintage dealers at a fabulous place here in metro Atlanta called Vintage Village. This wonderful shop offers one-of-a-kind treasures, from Victorian antiques to mid-century modern finds to handcrafted goodies.

Once you walk in the place, you know it is something special. Each booth is a styled vignette, lush and visually enticing.

Can I take it all?

The dealers have a talent for showing items in unexpected and innovative ways. I’m telling you, these folks create magic with their merchandise!

I’ll take two of these vintage phones to go, please.

Some things are for incorporating into your next project, and some are ready to go such as this chair that fits perfectly in our daughter’s room.

A great place to read great books.

Oh, and the prices are fabulous, too!

If you happen to be in Atlanta, say for the Fair presented by County Living magazine at Stone Mountain this fall, stop by Vintage Village. We are only a few miles down the road from Stone Mountain park.

Can you guess what the name of our booth is? Sound familiar?

My DH and I have a lot to learn, but Debbie and the other dealers have been very generous with kind help and advice. We are lucky to have fallen in with such a wonderful group of talented and nice people.

So, to celebrate our good fortune, I’m hosting my first giveaway. One lucky winner will win two books.

The first book is Ranch House Style by Katherine Ann Samon. Because you know I love ranches! And you might love them, too. You will after you read this book.

The winner gets this book. But, for the second book, the winner can choose from one of the following:

Choice #1.  Needleplay: Highlights from the Television Series “Erica” by Erica Wilson.

If you are a reader of Retro Renovation, you know what a special artist Erica Wilson was. Pam has written some wonderful posts about Erica Wilson. If you don’t know about her, this post is a great place to start.

Choice #2. Country Living Crafting Vintage Style: Charming Projects for the Home and Garden by Christina Strutt.

Anything by Country Living magazine is charming! I’ve recently discovered their magazine and all their books – such eye-candy! That’s the same folks who will host the Fair at Stone Mountain Park this fall.

Choice #3. Vintage Fabric Style: Stylish Ideas and Projects Using Quilts and Flea-Market Finds in Your Home by Lucinda Ganderton. You know how I love vintage fabric.

(I’m a vintage dealer now, so know that these books are gently used but in great condition.)

Rules: Enter a comment telling me what you would love to find in a vintage shop such as Vintage Village. What would be your version of “striking gold”?

Enter one comment per day.  If you are so inspired, you can continue to enter comments but only once a day. Enter your comments by midnight on lucky Friday, July 13. I’ll pick a winner using the number generator on

Just to Reiterate: One winner gets two books – 1) Ranch House Style and 2) the winner’s choice of one book from the three options listed above.

Other Stuff to Know: Be sure to leave your email address in the space provided; I absolutely won’t show it or share it, but entering it guarantees I can get a hold of you.

I’ve got comment moderation on, so be patient. I will “release” your comment as soon as I can – sometimes that might be after work (they block us from internet fun there at the office).

Good luck!

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7 Responses to Big News and My First Giveaway!

  1. Oh my!! Vintage Village looks like such a charming shop! If I lived closer, I would be a regular customer. Congratulations on this new adventure!! If I found an old pink radio, I would feel as if I had struck gold. Take care~

  2. Linda says:

    I’d love to find some vintage Christmas ornaments. They remind me of my childhood. Congrats on the booth!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Next time I am in Atlanta I will stop by for sure! That shop is absolutely charming!!

  4. Sea Witch says:

    Hello Stacy. Finally was able to access your blog. sometimes Word Press and Blogspot don’t like to play nice together. thank you for the shout out and I am delighted to welcome you to the biz of junkin and sellin. It is a sickness but a marvelous one that you will always enjoy, Vintage Village is a fantastic little shop full of treasure and great friendships. It is family. Can’t wait to read about your ongoing adventures in treasure hunting and VV. Much luck to you, although I suspect you will not need it. Sea witch

  5. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the info about the Country Living Fair! I will be sure to go.

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